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What I dislike the most is a bloke who does not give me chance to orgasm before he finishes himself. It's quite offending too. Now, I give as good as ...
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Back in the days, it was scandalous and impressive to own a thong-- now it is normal. I took full advantage of this and now own various knickers, from...
With all the kids having their own family and my husband dying of a heart attack a few years ago, I feel lonely and am needing of good company. I've m...
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Doing filthy stuff with strangers. Watching erotic movies for an hour. Taking my dog for a walk when the sun rises. Basking in the sun when I'm on...
You don't need to say I'm sexy 'coz I already know it. You also don't need to say I'm pretty 'cozI can see my beautiful reflection in the mirror. What...
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About Me: I'm a fun-loving lass who loves light-hearted conversations with my friends, especially with handsome men. About You: You should have ...
I'm a bit older and a bit wiser. The beautiful lines that you see on my face are proof that I'm more experienced at my age. I'm no longer what men use...
It's the sexual tension I look for, the other aspects are just bonus features. If I find a bloke boring as wheat bread then I'm not going to stick aro...
I never thought I was going to be the type of gal that would go into a sex shop to buy herself a dildo, yet I did. Want to know why? Because my boyfri...
I am in no way shy, I love chatting up strangers and getting to know them a bit more. I come across a few unsavoury personalities but it happens, I do...
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